Segway – Meaning, Origin and Usage

Are you wishing you had a convenient way to get to work? You could always buy yourself a ‘Segway.’

This post unpacks the meaning and origin of this term.


The term ‘Segway’ has dual meanings. The first meaning of the term is to describe electric vehicles like e-bikes and e-scooters manufactured by the ‘Segway’ brand.

You’ll probably see security teams using Segways to patrol malls, and many people use them as alternate transport to save money on gas.

However, when most people refer to a ‘segway’ in English, they’re referring to the term ‘segue.’ A segue is to transition from one topic of conversation to another, with no pause or break and no interruption in the flow of conversation.

The use of segues is common in music. It means to proceed on to the next song or musical piece without pause. ‘Segue’ is originally an Italian term adapted from English. It’s common for people to get the spelling of ‘segue’ confused with ‘segway’ when discussing the word.

Example Usage

"I bought a new Segway e-bike this weekend. It's pretty good quality considering it's a Chinese manufacturing brand. I can't wait to take it to work on Monday."

"I don't know what people mean when they say 'segway.' Is that a brand? Because I'm used to spelling the word as 'segue.'"

"This Segway e-bike is amazing. I get like 300 miles on a single charge, and it runs silently. You won't believe it, but you also get a decent top speed out of it."

"I decided to take the conversation on a segue to make a point. It worked, and everyone's on the same page as me now."

"Why did you take that segue away from the conversation? Now I can't remember what you were talking about in the first place."

"When you say 'Segway,' are you referring to the e-boke company or the English term? This is all so confusing to me."

"My friend just got a Segway, and he thinks it's the best move he ever made. He says he doesn't even use his car anymore."


The term ‘Segway’ originates from the e-bike brand. The Chinese conglomerate, Ninebot, purchased the company in 2015. Ninebot manufacturers are products from the old Segway Inc headquarters in Bedford, New Hampshire, and out of their Chinese factory in Beijing.

Ninebot focuses on designing and manufacturing short-distance transportation systems. They have a diverse range of products and a huge market share in the e-bike space.

However, most people confuse ‘Segway’ as the correct spelling for ‘segue.’ ‘Segue’ is an English term deriving from the Italian language. Segue translates to ‘it follows,’ from the original word ‘seguire,’ meaning ‘to follow.’

Phrases Similar to Segway

  • Segue.
  • E-bikes.
  • E-scooters.

Phrases Opposite to Segway

  • Ninebot.

What is the Correct Saying?

  • Segway.

Ways People May Say Segway Incorrectly

Some people may spell 'segue' as 'segway.' However, this spelling is incorrect when referring to the English variation of the term. Some people may refer to other electric vehicles as 'Segways,' even though they are not manufactured by the brand. It's similar to calling a vacuum cleaner a 'Hoover' due to the brand's success in the vacuum cleaner market.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase Segway

You can use 'Segway' when referring to the company's mobility products like their scooters and e-bikes. Segway is wholly owned by the company, Ninebot, which manufactures the devices for the global market. You can use 'Segway' to define any of the products offered in its range. Segway is an international brand, and most people will understand what you mean by the term.

A 'segue' is a bridge between two topics. You can use it to transfer from one topic to another or add a supplement to what you're saying. For instance, you could be talking to your doctor and take a segue on a different topic, other than your health, before returning to the original discussion.

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