Silencio Bruno – Meaning, Origin and Usage

Is the inner voice in your head trying to talk you out of taking action? Silence it by screaming ‘Silencio Bruno!’ to clear your mind. This post unpacks the meaning and origin of this expression.


The expression ‘Silencio Bruno!’ translates from Spanish to ‘Silence Bruno!’ It comes from a Disney Pixar movie, Luca. The characters in the film use the phrase as a way of silencing their inner voice when they have to take a risk.

It’s a way of motivating yourself and focusing on the task at hand.

If you say ‘Silencio Bruno!’ you’re telling someone to gather their wits and get ready for action. Or, you can use it to quiet the voices in your head that want to talk you out of doing something.

Example Usage

“Silencio Bruno! There’s nothing you can do to talk me out of this. We’re going in, and I don’t care what you say. Now, buck up and get ready for action!”

“There’s no way we can make it. I’m going to die if I try. Wait, what am I saying? Silencio Bruno, I’m not going to talk myself out of this.”

“Silencio Bruno! There’s no reason for you to be backing out at this stage of the game. Gather your wits and get your head straight. We need you at full attention.”

“What do you mean you’re giving up? Silencio Bruno! I won’t have it, and there’s no way I’m giving up on you now. Get your head in the game and get out there!”

“Silencio Bruno! I need to stop the voice in my head from talking me out of this. I know I can make it. It’s all about skill, not luck. Let’s go!”

“This is impossible. There’s no way I can make it to you by them. Silencio Bruno! I’ll make it happen, whatever it takes.”

“All I’m going to say to you is ‘Silencio Bruno! I’m tired of you always trying to talk me out of things I want to do. It’s my life and decision, so just leave me alone.”


The expression ‘Silencio Bruno’ originates from the 2021 Pixar movie, ‘Luca.’ Alberto, voiced by Jack Dylan, uses ‘Silencio Bruno’ when speaking to Luca, voiced by Jacob Tremblay, in a scene in the movie. The pair are about to drive a Vespa off a cliff, and Alberto uses the phrase to get Luca to stop talking himself out of the task at hand.

Luca is nervous, but Alberto tells him to not listen to “Bruno in his head” and go for it. It’s a funny part of the film, and later in the movie, Alberto tells Luca to use ‘silencio Bruno’ whenever he feels unconfident or wants to back off from something in life. Alberto teaches Luca to use ‘silencio Bruno!’ to silence his inner voice and take risks in life.

Phrases Similar to Silencio Bruno

  • I don’t want to hear it.
  • Shut up.
  • Live and let live.

Phrases Opposite to Silencio Bruno

  • Tell me what you think.

What is the Correct Saying?

  • Silencio Bruno!

Ways People May Say Silencio Bruno Incorrectly

Some people may use the phrase silencio Bruno’ as a request to get someone to stop irritating them. However, the term prevents people, or yourself, from talking you out of taking action. Using it to tell someone named Bruno to be quiet is incorrect.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase Silencio Bruno

You can use the phrase ‘silencio Bruno’ when you want to silence your inner voice. Typically, you’ll be trying to convince yourself that what you’re about to do will have a poor outcome. By saying ‘silencio Bruno,’ you’re resetting your mind and refocusing on the task at hand.

You can use it as a self-motivating statement to convince you to push forward with your actions. You can also use the phrase when someone is trying to talk you down or out of doing something. It’s a way of voicing your dissent about what they say, letting them know that you’re ignoring their plea.

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