This Ain't It Chief - Meaning, Origin and Usage

Are you reading through your Twitter feed? If you come across a post that's trash, you can let the OP know that they need to do better by commenting, "this ain't it, chief." Chances are the OP will reply to your comment and start a fight with you, and you can have some fun trolling them.

This post unpacks the meaning, origin, and use of this idiom.

This ain't it Chief Meaning

If you're using the phrase "this ain't it chief," you're probably commenting on someone's post on a social media site, message board, or forum.

This slang phrase is a dig at the original poster (OP), and the response is an attempt to get a reaction from the OP, dragging them into an argument that's hilarious to the troll and their audience.

Typically, a user would post the phrase in the comments. The OP may think they dropped a high-quality post, but the term is a way of telling them their work is trash, and they should think about taking the post down. It's a somewhat insulting term and the cause of many fights in comments sections across the internet.

Example Usage

"Listen, Mike, I know you think this post is great, but this ain't it, chief."

"Susan thought she tore Michelle a new one with this post, but this ain't it chief."

"I thought I would keep it real with Mike. His post sucked, and I told him, 'this ain't it chief.'"

"What do you mean this post is awesome? This ain't it, chief."

"You could have put more effort into that post; this ain't it, chief."

This ain't it Chief Origin

"This ain't it chief" is a relatively new expression in the English language. The first use of the phrase turned up in the summer of 2018. People frequenting social media sites and chatrooms or forums would use the term when commenting on a post.

Typically, the use of the phrase would start a verbal interaction with the OP, baiting them into an argument over the comment. It's a useful form of "trolling" other people, and many people that use it do it just to get a rise out of the poster.

As the popularity of the phrase grew, it started doing the rounds on all the social platforms from Reddit to Instagram. "This ain't it chief" featured in the Urban Dictionary in July 2018.

However, plenty of rappers on platforms like SoundCloud and YouTube use "Youngin" or a variation of the word in their rapper name. Some of the artists using the word in their title appear before 2108.

Phrases Similar to This ain't it Chief

  • Imma keep it real with you chief.
  • Let me be frank with you.
  • This isn't what you think it is.

Phrases Opposite to This ain't it Chief

  • This is great content.
  • You hit the nail on the head.

What is the Correct Saying?

  • This ain't it chief.
  • This ain't it, chief.

Ways People May Say This ain't it Chief Incorrectly

Some people may use the phrase "this ain't it chief" incorrectly or in the wrong context. Typically, the term is suitable for online use, and you would only use it when teasing people or insulting them about their posts or work. So, using it to describe anything else would not be the correct use of the term.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase This ain't it Chief

"This ain't it chief" is suitable for online use, and it's popular on social media and forums like 4Chan. When using the term, you're mildly insulting a person or "trolling" them to get their attention and upset them. Sometimes you're hoping they will reply, and you can start a confrontation that amuses you while frustrating the other person.

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