Aalaye – Meaning, Origin and Usage

Are you typing with someone in a chat and suspect they are a scammer? If so, you could type the word "aalaye" and see how they respond. This post unpacks the meaning and origin of this word.


The word "aalaye" comes from the native Nigerian language of the Yuba tribe. The word's original meaning is "brother" or "friend." However, Nigerian scammers use the term to identify each other when implementing a scam.

If the scammer suspects you of being a fellow scammer, they may type "aalaye" in the chat as a code word to ask the other person if they are also a scammer. If the scammer responds, they usually have a laugh and add each other to their friend's list.

Example Usage

Scammer: You have $1-million in inheritance waiting for you in our escrow. All we need is for you to send us your ID and bank details, and we'll help you recover the money.

You: Are you sure this isn't a scam?

Scammer: No way, I'm serious.

Scammer: Aalaye


Example 2.

Scammer: If you send me $300, I'll put it to work in the crypto market for you and make a 500% return per week. Can we split it and make some good money?

You: Aalaye?

Scammer: Sorry, I thought you were someone else; what's good, brother?

You: I just caught you trying to scam me.

Scammer: LOL.


"Aalaye" is a derivative of the Nigerian word "Alaye." It's a greeting meaning "my brother" to another member of the "Yoruba" tribe. The pleasantry spread across Nigeria to other tribes and worldwide as the Nigerian culture spread to other western countries and developed nations.

However, in the mid-2000s, with the world adopting the use of cellphones and email, Nigerians became the most prolific nation associated with financial scams. Who can forget the legendary "419" scam? Millions of people in the US fell for these scams.

The advent of the internet and phones made it even easier for Nigerian scammers to communicate with their victims. However, working of lists will only get you so far before you end up contacting another Nigerian scammer, right?

As a result of crossed communications, the scammer would sometimes leave the greeting "Aalaye" in the chat if they thought the person on the other end of the line was a Nigerian scammer as well. Only Nigerians knew about the word's existence until around 2020 when other people figured out that the word's appearance in the chat related to the Nigerian word meaning brother.

Phrases Similar to Aalaye

  • None known.

Phrases Opposite to Aalaye

  • Unknown.

What is the Correct Saying?

  • Aayle.

Ways People May Say Aalaye  Incorrectly

The only reason to use this word is if you are a Nigerian scammer or if you are trying to bait a Nigerian scammer into giving away their identity. There is no other use for this word in conversations outside of Nigeria.

If you think the person you are chatting with is a scammer, you can post the word and see how they react. Using it to call any other ethnicity a scammer, such as someone of middle-eastern descent, would be the incorrect use of the term.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase Aalaye

You can use the word "aalaye" when you're in a text conversation, email chat, or online in message boards and forums. The purpose of using the word is to discover if the other person is a Nigerian scammer.

If you say something and then post the word, the other scammer will recognize you and leave you alone. If you feel like the other person is scamming you, you can ask them a question, and if they reply with "aalaye" in the chat, you know they are a scammer, and you can stay away.

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