Demiboy – Meaning, Origin and Usage

Are you looking for a word to describe a boy that has confusion establishing their sexual identity? They might identify with multiple genders, and you’re looking for a way to describe their choices. You could call them a “demiboy” to keep them comfortable. This post unpacks the meaning and origin of this expression.


The expression “demiboy” also refers to the terms “demiguy,” “demiman,” or “demidude.” The term is a label describing the person's sexual identity. The person partially identifies as male, but they have another part of them that identifies with another gender.

The demiboy could display male characteristics and qualities but integrate that behavior with other sexual identities such as agender, xenogender, or genderqueer.

Example Usage

“Look at that Demiboy over there. From the green hair and the dress code, you can tell that all he values is his sexual identity in life.”

“What is a demiboy? It’s a person that identifies primarily as male, but they also have other tendencies to sexual identities outside of the binary.”

“Why does Rob all of a sudden identify as a Demiboy? He was with Carol for years, and now he decides that he wants to explore his sexuality?”

“I’m a demiboy. I don’t care if you want to see other people and date, other men. I’m into that sort of thing.”

“I’m a demiboy, I love getting intimate with women, but I also think I have a thing for men and even trans people.”


The expression "demi boy" originates from the chat forum AVEN and the user "Brad Patient." Brad published the term on the site in August 2010, where it appears as follows.

"...I said to myself that I can any word relate to me if I just stick a "demi-" in front of it. And then, I realized that it might actually help me find a word for my gender identity. I've felt for some time that I may have too much of the masculine element in me to call myself agender and feel good about it — so maybe it would be a nice idea to call myself a demiguy. Demidude. Demibloke..."

It turns out that Brad would later reveal that he was making a joke. However, the term stuck, and more people started using it to describe their feelings of gender angst. Later that year, the word "demigirl" would appear on the same site.

In response to Brad's claims, the user "Am I Human" claimed the developers on the Wiki site had already coined the term "demigenders." However, no evidence shows that the wiki team is responsible for coining the term.

The more accurate definition of "demiboy" is someone AMAB feeling a slight association with masculinity or non-binary AFAB persons that are transmasculine and feel a vague association with being male.

The AVEN Gender Definitions Masterlist added "Demigirl" and "Demiguy" to its list of gender-inclusive terms in December 2010.

Phrases Similar to Demiboy

  • Demigirl.
  • Confused.
  • Sexually unconfident.

Phrases Opposite to Demiboy

  • Straight boy.
  • Normal boy.

What is the Correct Saying?

  • Demiboy.

Ways People May Say Demiboy Incorrectly

Some people may use the word “demiboy” to describe someone that thinks they are a “demigod.” A Demigod is a person born to a human and a god. They live in the mortal realm and have special powers in Greek Mythology.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase Demiboy

You can use the phrase “demiboy” when referring to someone who identifies as male but has other interests in genders outside of the binary. They might be interested in being trans, gay, queer, or any of the different classifications. It’s a term meant to put someone’s sexuality in a box and clearly define it.

The word “demiboy” is part of gender identity politics. Therefore, it’s only really in use with “woke” people who pride themselves on their gender identity above all other defining characteristics of their personality. You can use it when describing people close to you or strangers.

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