DNI – Meaning, Origin and Usage

Have you come across someone on a social media website who you just don’t want to talk to, or do you share content that you would prefer for younger social media users that are under 18 or 21 to scroll past? You could use the text-based abbreviation ‘dni’ to say what you mean in both instances. This post unpacks the meaning and origin of this term.


The term ‘dni’ is a popular text-based acronym that is seen on social media websites like Facebook, TikTok, YouTube and Instagram and it’s short for “do not interact”.

The first meaning of the term ‘dni’ is used as a tag or description for any content that the original poster (or OP) does not want underaged users to see.

Social media accounts that share adult content or humor and isn’t suited for younger users will add the term ‘dni’ to a description. The addition of this to the post or content description tells younger users to scroll past it, or informs younger users that this is not an account that will interact with them.

Internet safety on social media websites like TikTok is one reason why this specific text-based acronym is used in this way.

Users who ignore a ‘dni’ notification are said to cross into this profile at their own risk, creating a limited liability situation for the original poster.

The term ‘dni’ can also have a secondary meaning, and literally signify ‘do not interact’ in a comment, conversation or status. For example, telling someone that you do not want to interact with them through instant messaging channels.

Sometimes other terms can be combined with ‘dni’ to make its meaning more clear in context, like telling fans of anime to ‘dni’.

Example Usage

“The rest of my Instagram profile contains some pictures that you shouldn’t see if you are under 18. I’m warning you before you click on this link, dni.”

“DNI to everyone under eighteen. You don’t want to see the kind of thing my grandmother shares on her TikTok profile, I’m telling you guys.”

“If you don’t want to talk to them, all that you have to do is send them a simple DNI notification and they can go Google what it means.”

“Don’t click on anything that says DNI, you can sometimes get to see some really crazy stuff on the internet if you aren’t careful. Remember waffles?”


The origin of the internet acronym ‘dni’ is likely to track back to the website TikTok itself, and its first use is the most likely to be documented in the late 2010s.

The first entry for this term that can be found on Urban Dictionary dates to at least 2017, with its first use likely to have been close to this date.

The later 2020s would see increased popularity for the term as more content gets uploaded to the internet – and more websites define new internet acronyms like the term ‘dni’ and others.

The term ‘dni’ is likely to be used together with other terms, such as telling anime fans or underaged followers to “not interact” with a certain profile or content via its description.

Phrases Similar to DNI

  • Nope
  • /n

Phrases Opposite to DNI

  • N/a

What is the Correct Saying?

  • DNI
  • dni
  • do not interact

Ways People May Say DNI Incorrectly

There are several ways to use the term ‘dni’ incorrectly, though the most common way to misuse the term is to misunderstand its context.

If unsure what ‘dni’ means in relation to the post, look for context and surrounding tags to establish what is meant with ‘dni’.

Other words might be used together with the term ‘dni’ to make its meaning more clear.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase DNI

The acceptable way to phrase the term ‘dni’ is to use it as an acronym that is short for “do not interact” or to tell other users that they should not interact with a profile (for reasons that contextual words can often give).

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