Straight (TikTok) – Meaning, Origin and Usage

Are you looking for a way to describe the mainstream side of TikTok, populated by content houses and influencers with millions of followers — usually doing "boring dance challenges"? The phase you are looking for is "Straight TikTok". No, it has nothing to do with heterosexuality. Keep reading to discover more.


The internet term Straight TikTok refers to the mainstream, most clearly public-facing side of the video-based social media platform TikTok.

Straight TikTok is usually used to mean any content that the person using the phrase deems boring, bland, not funny, and unoriginal. Many TikTok creators who use the phrase Straight TikTok believe that this primarily consists of shirtless boys dancing.

However, some would argue that Straight TikTok specifically refers to content created for commercial rather than creative reasons.

​Example Usage

Are you still not sure what Straight TikTok means, or how you can use the phrase in a sentence? These examples are designed to come to your rescue:

  • "If you don't know what Straight TikTok means, you're probably on it."
  • "Ew! My sister's for you page is full of teen boys doing boring dances. I hate Straight TikTok."
  • "Nah, Straight TikTok has nothing to do with sexuality. It's more about creators who have sold out to make the big bucks and have stopped being authentic."


Launched in 2017 for the international market, the social media platform TikTok has seen rapid growth. TikTok has become so popular that Cloudflare ranked it the most popular website (yes, on the entire internet) of 2020, surpassing even Google.

With millions of videos being viewed and created every single day, TikTok is, quite simply, huge. It is no surprise, then, that several distinct "factions" have emerged there, based on different interests and sub-cultures.

The phrase "Straight TikTok" appears to have been coined in the year 2020; at the very least, this is when use of the term Straight TikTok picked up steam.

Urban Dictionary gained multiple entries defining Straight TikTok in 2020, as well. Users often focus on The Hype House as an example of Straight TikTok, but any content deemed boring and overly commercial can be classified as being part of Straight TikTok. This includes mainstream challenges that have gained widespread popularity.

Straight TikTok denotes mainstream commercial content — of the type that newly-registered users might see on their "for you" pages.

The term is often used in a mildly insulting manner by those who do not consider themselves to be part of Straight TikTok. These may be part of "Alt TikTok" (alt meaning "alternative").

​Words Similar to Straight TikTok

Outside of the realm of TikTok, synonyms for the "straight" in Straight TikTok could be:

  • Basic
  • Boring
  • Mainstream

​Words Opposite to Straight TikTok

While there are multiple "sides" or "factions" on the social media platform TikTok, "Alt TikTok" is the opposite of Straight TikTok.

Alt TikTok is the side of TikTok that consists of "quirky" or "alternative" content.

TikTok users may even argue that there is an entire culture war going on between Straight TikTok and Alt TikTok.

​What Is the Correct Term?

The correct term, "Straight TikTok", refers to TikTok content deemed to be mainstream, commercially-created, boring, and basic.

​Ways People May Say Straight TikTok Incorrectly

Those who are not in the know would probably be most likely to assume that the term "Straight TikTok" is, in some way, related to heterosexuality. This is not true. Straight TikTok simply refers to boring and mainstream content.

​Acceptable Ways to Phrase Straight TikTok

You could use the phrase "Straight TikTok" to make fun of someone who makes or watches TikTok content that you do not enjoy and believe to be boring, mainstream, and commercial in nature.

If you are aware what the phrase means and you know that you enjoy exactly this type of content, you could even proudly proclaim yourself to be a part of Straight TikTok.

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