Fasho – Meaning, Origin and Usage

Is there something that are you certain you want to do? Perhaps you want to express your extreme desire to follow through on an action? If you love slang and want to give your friends the all clear, or a sign of agreement, saying fasho is one of the hippest ways to go about it.

This slang term has been around for decades and has recently started making a comeback with modern youth.

This post unpacks the meaning and origin of this expression.


The phrase fasho is shorthand or slang for “for sure”. When someone asks you if you want to do something, or if you like something, saying yes is quite normal. Fasho means the same thing, except in slang terminology.

Fasho also means a little more than just yes, or an agreement. The term indicates an intense willingness, desire, or excitement surrounding the assentation.

When a person wants to show they are excited, or if they prefer to use the slang vernacular, they will use the term fasho. No matter what the situation, it means that a person agrees or gives their permission. It can also be viewed as a statement of position or an assertion of one’s opinion.

Example Usage

“I’m going to get those new Nike AF1’s fasho!”

“There are going to be cool kids at the party fasho”.

“I heard your mom is going to be making the mac’ n’ cheese, it’s going to be off the hook fasho”.

“I am fasho going to be at that game this weekend, a little rain won’t stop me”.


Fasho is another way of saying “for sure”. The exact origin of the phrase is unknown, but it is widely agreed to have come from Mississippi. Lower-income people of the area, both white and black often were not well-read. Due to their illiteracy and lack of basic education, many words were improperly learned and improperly pronounced. For sure quickly became fasho among the lower classes. Illiterate white people and illiterate black people alike in the area spread the phrase amongst their children who then continued teaching future generations even when relocating to other areas in the US.

Later, in modern times around the start of 2020, a hip hop project called Fo Sho, which means the same as fasho, was created. The slang term continued to pick up steam and is found in casual conversations all over the country even today.

Phrases Similar to Fasho

  • 4Sho – For sure
  • HY- Hell yes
  • FR – For real
  • Fo Sho – For sure
  • FoShizzle – For sure
  • MHMM – Sure, it's okay
  • Fo Shizzle – Most certainly
  • Ait’ – Alright
  • JMS – Just making sure

Phrases Opposite to Fasho

  • HN – Hell no
  • NTY – No thank you
  • NV – Never ever
  • OYDM – Out of your damn mind

What is the correct saying?

  • Fasho – For sure, most certainly, alright.

Ways People May Incorrectly Say Fasho

It isn’t really easy to use fasho improperly, however, there are some ways in which mistakes can be made. Such as:

  • I fasho don’t want anything to do with you.
  • I’m not fasho about what you are up to.
  • There is too much going on, fasho I don’t want to be involved.
  • Let’s not get involved fasho.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase Fasho

  • We have to get the chicken and waffles from The Waffle House fasho!
  • Do you want me to come by? I fasho would you know.
  • I am fasho going to get to the spot and take a hot bath as soon as I get in.
  • Are you sure that Tammy is coming? You told me that she is fasho, but I don’t see her.
  • There is nothing like a nice meal after a hard day of work, which is fasho the truth.
  • I know that’s right, she fasho better not put her hands on my child or ima' go off!

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