Feening – Meaning, Origin and Usage

Have you ever really wanted something? Then, you can let your friends know that you aren’t kidding about wanting that new phone or going out with that girl who lives next door. You don’t just like it or want it, you are feening for it!

Though it is often associated with pop-drug culture it has been transformed into a common form of slang that is used in various settings.

This post unpacks the meaning and origin of this expression.


The word Feening can be used to describe an intense want or craving for something. Typically it refers to the craving for certain illicit drugs or sex, but it has also been used for other topics.

If you are feening for something, it’s something that you want so bad, and you feel like you just can’t live without it.

An intense, overwhelming feeling of needing the item or person can also be used for food. In most cases, the word feening is used to describe how you feel towards someone over anything else. Still, you could certainly say that food commercials have you feening for a particular meal that night. A person can be feening for a cigarette, a alcoholic drink, or even a person.

Example Usage

“I am really feening for a chicken sandwich right now”

“That girl is seriously feening for my attention and some good loving”

“Look at that dope head, he is feening for a hit of the pipe right now”

“Stop feening after money all the time”

“You are always feening for more and more sugar”

“The way I put it on him will leave him feening for me in the middle of the night”


The origin of this word dates back to the 90s, from the music era that involved Jodeci and Wayne Marshall. It was again gaining popularity around 2004 once the internet began to take control, and people needed another way to describe their cravings for items and people. This word was popular in the hip-hop world and has made its way around the internet and become a popular phrase to use.

While mainstream culture use the word to indicate an intense desire for another person, its street origins are a bit different. The culture of street drugs in the late 80s and early 90s gave rise to highly addictive drugs. These drugs caused people to act in ways that we abnormal or contrary to their regular behavior. When a person was going through withdrawal or on the hunt for their drug of choice, it was commonly stated that such a person was feening. The term “crack fiend”, “alcohol fiend”, and “meth fiend” are actually derivatives of a the term feening.

Phrases Similar to Feening

  • I’m Craving that girl
  • High-Key, I really want that, which means you actually really want it and want people to know
  • Her looks have me shook, which means you are shaken by her beauty
  • Phrases opposite to
  • DNW which means “Do Not Want”

What is The Correct Saying?

  • I am feening for that girl, man, I can’t get enough
  • I’ve been feening over that new car, I need it

Ways People May Incorrectly Say Feening

While feening is a pretty versatile word that can be applied to almost any situation, there are ways you wouldn’t want to use it. For example, if you are talking about a job promotion, using the word feening, to describe how badly you want it wouldn’t necessarily be the best way to use it.  He is feening to get things done is an out of context and improper use of the term. It is a casual way of speaking and classified as slang, so it would not be appropriate to use it in a professional setting

Acceptable Ways to Phrase Feening

A person can use the term feening to express intense desire for the opposite sex, a vice of choice, or even a martial object.

  • I am feening for a nice bottle of Hennessey.
  • She is feening for that BBC.
  • That dude is feening for that paper like no one’s business.

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