Woohoo – Meaning, Origin and Usage

Did you hear a colleague at work exclaim ‘woohoo’ after putting down the phone? Maybe they closed a big deal and feel they need to celebrate?

This post unpacks the meaning and origin of this expression.


The expression ‘woohoo!’ is a reactionary statement of exuberance, excitement, and happiness. Typically, you’ll use ‘woohoo’ after receiving good news, like a job promotion. However, it can apply to all good news, no matter how insignificant it seems. For instance, if you find out you have your favorite meal for dinner, you could use ‘woohoo’ to exclaim your joy.

Woohoo has an alternate meaning in the game series, ‘The Sims.’ In The Sims, ‘woohoo’ is a euphemism for having sex. However, ‘woohoo’ usually refers to a happy exclamation in most use cases outside The Sims game.

Example Usage

“My mom just told me she’s going to buy me a PS5 for my birthday! I feel like the luckiest kid alive, and my birthday can’t get here any sooner. Woohoo!”

“My husband just told me he’s taking us to the Bahamas for our summer vacation. I’ve wanted to go there since I was a teenager. I can’t wait, Woohoo!”

“I just got my results back today. It looks like I passed, and I’m a shoo-in for Harvard with my SAT score. Woohoo!”

“My boss told me he’s promoting me to a manager at the end of the month, and I get a significant pay raise. I feel on top of the world right now. Woohoo!”

“Woohoo! We’re going to Six Flags this afternoon! I can’t wait to hit the rollercoaster; I’ve been dreaming about it all morning. I can’t wait!”

“Are you being serious? I never expected you to buy me this car. This is all just too much to take in right now. I can’t believe it. Woohoo!”

“Are you coming to the retreat this weekend? It’s going to be a wild experience. We’re hanging around with some of the top experts in the field, and it’s going to be exciting to listen to them speak. I’m so pumped up right now. Woohoo!”


The expression ‘woohoo!’ originates from America’s most successful and longest-running animated series, ‘The Simpsons.’ Created by Matt Groening, the show centers around the family of Marge, Homer, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie Simpson.

Groening came up with the idea for the show before creating a series of animations with producer James L. Brooks. The animations launched on The Tracey Ullman Show in April 1987. Groening eventually developed the shorts into ‘The Simpsons,’ deciding on the name ‘Simpsons’ being close to ‘Simpletons.’

The Simpsons debuted on American Television on December 17, 1989, becoming the longest-running show in American TV history. Fans of the show claim it’s losing its edgy humor and wit that made it a hit. Instead, the Simpsons is now an example of another TV show exemplifying the term ‘get woke, go broke.’

Phrases Similar to Woohoo

  • Woo.
  • Yes.
  • Awesome.

Phrases Opposite to Woohoo

  • Oh no.

What is the Correct Saying?

  • Woohoo.

Ways People May Say Woohoo Incorrectly

The phrase ‘woohoo’ has nothing to do with the milk beverage, ‘Yoohoo.’ You won’t use ‘woohoo to exclaim your excitement at bad things happening to other people. For instance, if your friend falls and breaks their arm, you wouldn’t use ‘woohoo’ to celebrate their misfortune.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase Woohoo

You can use ‘woohoo’ as an exclamation of joy or happiness. It’s a reactionary statement that people make to show they’re pleased with the outcome or result of something they’re involved with. You can use ‘woohoo’ in social and professional situations. You could use it at work when your boss tells you you beat your monthly sales target.

Use it at home when your partner says they’re taking you on vacation this summer. The phrase suits text communications and verbal exchanges. You can use ‘woohoo’ in any scenario where you want to exclaim your happiness and excitement to those around you

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