ALR – Meaning, Origin and Usage

ALR is an abbreviation that is mostly used on social sites such as Tik-Tok, Facebook, and other social sites favorable to Gen Z.

One can regard ALR as a modern language that has Gen Z on its toes and left the baby boomers scrambling for its meaning.

For example, ALR is already trending on Tik Tok with more than 33 million views. You can go on Tik Tok and type #arl.

Well, you will be baffled that is if you won’t end up joining the trend. This post unpacks the meaning and origin of the expression ALR.


It is an abbreviation for alright. You can view it as the shortest and quickest way of typing alright.

However, it’s very rare to find ALR being used in real life. But one can never put the usage of modern slang past Gen Z.

For example, my sister always uses LOL in a real-life conversation. Well, Gen Z loves putting words across in the fastest and most effortless way possible.

Another meaning for ALR is a little respect, but this phrase was used only for a short period of time after the release of Aretha Franklin’s hit song “Respect”.

By the way, according to today’s modern-day, slang context alr doesn’t refer to “a lil respect” any longer.

Folks over the age of 40 usually confuse alr with “a lil respect”

Example Usage

Some scenarios where alr can be used are;

Mom: John please defrost the chicken, I want to find it ready as soon as I get home

John: Arl, mom

Bestie: Prepare some popcorn for the movie. Will be there in 2 0 minutes

Lizzy: Alr

A Tik-Tok user shares a conversation as a video message of the other person asking if she is alright. Verbally the person uses alright (are you alright), but on the video screen, it’s being translated as alr.


ALR originated on Tik-Tik. However, before Tik-Tok it was used on other social platforms and is translated as “A little Respect”.

Social sites such as Facebook, and Snapchat have been using the abbreviation alr, translating to “A little Respect”.

However, according to internet users, the old way of using alr needed a little modern revolution which then translated alr into alright.

The terms is often used in the form of a hastag that is posted in the caption of TikTok videos.

This hashtag allows others looking for similar content or uploads to be able to find their selections quickly.

It is common to find it on dance videos, funny uploads, ironic post and other Gen Z specific content.

Phrases Similar to ALR

  • Ight
  • Aight
  • Aite
  • Ayt
  • Ard
  • Ait
  • Ayeet
  • Orale

Phrases opposite to ALR

  • Nge
  • Nagl
  • Nsg
  • Gc
  • Np
  • Nope

What is The Correct Saying?

  • The correct saying is alr for alright.

Ways People May Incorrectly Say alr

Some people frequently misuse alr for “alr- a little respect”. Also some misuse alr for “alred” meaning already.

  • Put alr on my name
  • That chicken meal deserves alr
  • You and your friends need to learn alr

Acceptable Ways to Phrase alr

Alr is used when you are agreeing to something during a conversation. It is also used to portray positive feelings.

Any place that you would say that’s alright, or that you are feeling alright, it would be acceptable to use alr.

  • I am really feeling alr.
  • That movie was alr.
  • Getting paid is alr, getting rich is better.
  • Trying to complete a full set of reps is alr, pushing past your goal is better.
  • Are you alr? Who knows how you are really feeling.
  • That concert was alr.
  • Getting gassed with the homeys is alr.

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