FRFR - Meaning, Origin and Usage

If you're in a chatroom and make an open-ended statement, you might have other users reply with the acronym "FRFR." What does it mean?

This post unpacks everything you need to know about the origin and meaning of this idiomatic phrase. We'll also look at how to use it in conversation and online.

FRFR Meaning

The idiom "FRFR" is an acronym for the phrase "for real, for real." The term only appears in text chat, message boards, social media, and websites. It's a way to shorten the statement of agreement with "for real, for real," so you don't have to type out the entire phrase.

The original use of the phrase was "FR," but that changed to "FRFR" as a reference to how the term appears in the spoken word. When using "for real, for real" in conversation, you'll be agreeing with what another person has to say.

The earlier rendition of the phrase was sometimes confused with a qualifying statement. For instance, if someone told you that your favorite band was playing at a local venue this evening, you would reply with "for real?" as a statement of surprise and excitement.

The abbreviation suits more use online, and you would use the full expression when speaking to people in the real world.

FRFR Example Usage

Matt: "We have to do something right now, the backup isn't coming, and the enemy is getting closer."

Gareth: "FRFR, I get what you're saying; there's no way they can make it on time."


Chat 1: "I'm all about getting the highest number of kills possible in COD; I want to dominate the game."

Chat 2: "FRFR, I'm also trying my best to get my kill rate up."


Keith: "I'm thinking about going on a diet to lose weight; I just can't stand being fat anymore."

Trish: "For real, for real. Getting healthy is always a good idea."

FRFR Origin

The origin of "FR" comes from popular culture, and many experts think it has roots in hip hop culture and street slang from New York in the late 80s and 90s. "For real" became a popular saying, used as an acknowledgment of the other person's statement or as a surprising response asking the other person if they are serious about what they are telling you.

As the world went online in the 2000s, people started frequenting message boards and messenger apps. As a result, they started shortening the phrase from "for real" to "FR." The abbreviation helped to limit the amount of effort when typing out the phrase.

The use of the term continued to spread, and around 2010, the "FR" would change to "FRFR," meaning “for real, for real.” Essentially, it held the same meaning, but the addition of the extra "FR" comes from the use of the phrase in everyday conversation.

Phrases Similar to FRFR

  • For real, for real.
  • No doubt.
  • For sure.

Phrases Opposite to FRFR

  • I don't believe you.
  • No way.
  • That's nonsense.

What is the Correct Saying?

  • FRFR.
  • FR.

Ways People May Say FRFR Incorrectly

FRFR is an abbreviation of the saying "for real, for real." It's a confirming statement, so you wouldn't use it when trying to challenge someone's opinion. The abbreviation is more suitable for online applications than a verbal conversation.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase FRFR

"FRFR" is an abbreviation commonly found in memes and chats. It's an acknowledgment of another person's statement or request. You'll use the idiom when replying to someone's statement, confirming your agreement with what they have to say. Most people in Gen X, Millennial, and Gen Z demographics will understand the meaning of the abbreviation.

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