KLM – Meaning, Origin and Usage

Are you looking for a word or term that lets people know that you are okay, fine or all good with the situation? You should use the term ‘KLM’ to save yourself some typing time and let them know what you mean. This post unpacks the meaning and origin of this expression.


The term ‘KLM’ is an internet-based acronym that is sometimes used as a shorter way to say “calm” in conversation, comments or statuses.

‘KLM’ can be used to mean “calm”, but not just in the sense of the actual emotion. In this context, the term ‘KLM’ can be used to describe that you are “okay” or “chilled”, or just that something is cool or acceptable.

When asked how someone is doing, saying ‘klm’ for “I’m good” is common.

‘KLM’ can be used as a conversational point (usually in response to something), but it has also been used as a popular hashtag and keyword on websites like TikTok and Twitter.

Acceptable forms of the term ‘KLM’ include the use of the term in capitals or lowercase letters, and rarely the term is still written out as the full “calm” since it’s just one letter away from the abbreviation.

The term ‘KLM’ is almost never used as a plural term.

There is also a lesser common, alternative meaning of the word. Sometimes ‘KLM’ is used to mean the theoretical question “Kill or Marry?”

In 2022, when the acronym ‘KLM’ appears anywhere, it is probably more likely to mean the first meaning, calm, than the second.

Example Usage

“Look, dude, I know it was you who stole the cows. It’s okay. You’re forgiven. I’m klm about it.”

“Let’s not worry too much about the game of Monopoly and who lost or won, okay? Let’s just stay klm and continue, maybe play some Risk before anyone gets killed.”

“You can say whatever you like about the look I seem to have on my face in the photograph, I was pretty klm at the time the photo was taken.”

“Let’s just keep klm about this, there’s no need to send insults back and forth across profiles the whole time.”


The exact origin and first use of the term ‘klm’ on social media is difficult to establish, but the appearances of this modern text-based acronym can be traced back to at least the early 2010s (as no references to the acronym ‘klm’ to mean “calm” quite exists before this).

References to the acronym ‘klm’ to mean “calm” are entered into Urban Dictionary from 2019, though it is likely possible that the term appeared some time before this. Throughout 2020, the term appears to have become more popular with spikes of use on Twitter, TikTok and Facebook.

Alternatively, the term ‘KLM’ has been used to refer to Royal Dutch Airlines, although this is not what most people mean with this acronym in modern times on social media.

Phrases Similar to KLM

  • N/a

Phrases Opposite to KLM

  • N/a

What is the Correct Saying?

  • KLM
  • klm
  • Klm

Ways People May Say KLM Incorrectly

There are several different ways to say the term ‘KLM’ incorrectly or in the wrong context as to what is being said. The term ‘KLM’ is used to mean “calm”, and that is what most of the uses of this term on social media and in conversation refers to.

The term ‘KLM’ can be used as an acronym for Royal Dutch Airlines, but this is rarely the context that is meant.

Alternatively, the term ‘KLM’ can also stand for “Kill or Marry?” but is rarely what people mean when they use the term online.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase KLM

The right way to use the term ‘klm’ is to use it to mean “calm” to say that you are fine or okay.

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