WASP Mom – Meaning, Origin and Usage

Are you looking at an entitled white woman drinking wine in the café while Facetiming, her friend? She might be a WASP mom. This post unpacks the meaning and origin of this expression.


The acronymic expression ‘WASP mom’ stands for ‘White Anglo-Saxon Protestant Mom.’ It’s a variation of the ‘WASP’ term coined in the 1950s. A WASP typically lives in the Hamptons, and they’re old money families and descendants from the original Mayflower landings.

The WASP mom is your stereotypical housewife with no real problems. She has to create drama in her everyday life to excite her and drive away the boredom. They are always drinking a glass of white wine and Facetiming their friends.

A WASP Mom is a wealthy, white, entitled woman who likes to complain about things and doesn’t have a broad worldview.

Example Usage

“Did you see that series of videos on YouTube called ‘WASP mom?’ They were great. That Caitlin is so funny, I love her style of comedy.”

“So many people think a WASP mom is real, but it was all coined by that @itscaitlinhello user on TikTok.’

“That woman Jill is a real WASP mom. She rolls up to the PTA meeting in the Bentley with the LV bag and the Gucci sunglasses, and all she does is complain about everything.”

“I think Greg has a WASP mom. His family is rich, and his mom always posts on social media and acts like she’s better than everyone.”

“You might be a WASP mom if you never had to work a day in your life and worry about who will steal your parking spot at the country club.”


The expression ‘WASP mom’ originates from a series of short viral videos produced by the TikTok creator, @itscaitlinhello. Caitlin released the video series I 2020 as a series of YouTube shorts. The videos have Caitlin, a white woman, discussing her ‘champagne problems.’

As an entitled white woman, Caitlin plays the part well, showing us the characteristics of a WASP mom and how they behave. It’s a great piece of satire and very funny. Women of the video titles include struggling with mental health issues during the lockdown, ordering pizza, and Facetiming her friend.

The videos went viral, earning millions of views. Caitlin no longer produces WASP mom videos, but she retains a role in the comedy industry.

Phrases Similar to WASP Mom

  • Helicopter mom.
  • Karen.
  • Basic bitch.

Phrases Opposite to WASP Mom

  • N/A.

What is the Correct Saying?

  • WASP mom.

Ways People May Say WASP Mom Incorrectly

Some people may confuse the meaning of WASP mom and the acronym it represents. Some people may also apply the WASP term to people that are not white or from other religions, like Catholics.

While this is technically incorrect, you can use the phrase when describing any white woman with an entitled personality. A WASP mom is not the same thing as a ‘Karen.’

Acceptable Ways to Phrase WASP Mom

You can use the phrase ‘WASP mom’ to describe a white, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant mother. Typically, the mother will have a self-centered approach to life and look down on anyone who isn’t in the same social class as her.

You can use ‘WASP mom’ when discussing mothers with ‘helicopter parent’ behavior or who exhibit ‘basic bitch’ behavior. Typically, it’s common for people to use the term on social media, especially when commenting on platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

The series of short viral videos on YouTube and TikTok by @itscaitlinhello is a parody, but many people use the term online to describe the behavior of rich, ignorant white women.

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