Sugoi Dekai - Meaning, Origin and Usage

Are you in the chat, referencing something big or outlandish? If that's the case, you could type "Sugoi Dekai" to exclaim your amusement at the object's size or person. This post unpacks everything you need to know about the meaning and origin of this expression.

Sugoi Dekai Meaning

"Sugoi Dekai" is a phrase adapted from the anime show, Uzaki-chan. One of the characters wears a t-shirt with the words printed white in a red block in the show. The direct translation from Japanese to English means "So big!" which refers to the size of the girl's chest in the show.

When you're trying to exclaim that something is huge, you can use the phrase online and in chats or message boards. While the primary use of the phrase is for describing a woman's large breasts, it can refer to anything huge or outlandish.

For instance, you could use the phrase to describe the look of a huge bodybuilder or a girl with a large chest.

Sugoi Dekai Example Usage

Chat 1: "Don't you think that anime character looks a little young for such huge breasts?"

Chat 2: "Sugoi Dekai!"


User 1: "They redesigned the characters in the show, and now it seems less innovative and interesting."

User 2: "Yeah, it's like Sugoi Dekai all over again."


Chat 1: "Look at the breasts on that porn star; they're huge!"

Chat 2: "Sugoi Dekai!"


"Sugoi Dekai is my favorite anime of all time."

"Sugoi Dekai is basically child porn. Have you seen how young that character looks, and they are clearly trying to sexualize her to the audience."

"That girl looks like she belongs on Sugoi Dekai, her chest is huge, and she's so small."

Sugoi Dekai Origin

"Sugoi Dekai" originates from the hit Japanese anime show, Uzaki-chan, debuting on Niconico in late 2017. The manga went into serialization in mid-2018 and quickly found a huge following online. Three years later, in 2020, Studio ENGI released an adaptation directed by the manga legend Kazuya Miura.

Many manga covers and posters feature the lead character, Uzaki, wearing her shirt featuring the phrase. After the release of the series, many manga artists would go on to show various characters wearing Uzaki's t-shirt with the words "Sugoi Dekai."

The Uzaki character gained infamy due to the artist drawing her with unusually large breasts, something only seen in the "Hentai" category of manga, not the general category of the genre.

As a result, many artists started drawing her character or other characters wearing the shirt. Typically, it would feature on a flat-chested girl or man, as a reference mocking the huge chest of Uzaki in the manga.

Phrases Similar to Sugoi Dekai

  • Stop tripping.
  • Big breasted.
  • Mega milk.

Phrases Opposite to Sugoi Dekai

  • Small breasts.

What is the Correct Saying?

  • Sugoi Dekai.

Ways People May Say Sugoi Dekai Incorrectly

Some people may use the phrase to describe illicit acts with minors, but this is not the correct use of the saying. It has nothing to do with underage sex. The term only suits use online with people that understand the manga and anime scene. Using it in verbal conversations with people that have no interest in manga will leave them confused about what you're saying.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase Sugoi Dekai

You can use the phrase "Sugoi Dekai" in reference to the anime series when discussing it online. You can also use the meme to describe a big reaction to what people say in the chat. The phrase also suits ironic and satirical use online when you're trying to tell someone they are making a big deal out of nothing. You can also use the phrase when you're referring to a big-breasted woman.

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